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“This little girl’s name is Nessa.
When she was only one, she heard the word “Ma-ii” for the first time: it’s a very old expression that, in her language, it means “Magic”. Of course, it was the first word she pronounced and, because of that, her family started calling her Nessii.
When she was three, she discovered in a book that there was a magical wand that gives a special power to those few chosen who are able to find it: the power of seeing all the magic around them, in every stone, river, leaf or living being.
Nessii is five years old now and, together with her friends Bee-bee and Ornie, they have decided to go on an adventure and explore the backyard of her home, hidden in the most leafy forest you could ever imagine.

Nessa is an original character of mine. You can read more of her story in my Instagram, or… could invent how it continues! 🙂
It includes the 2 stickers that you can see in the image.


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